Week Review 24 August to 30 August 2020

Week started not so good.


Beginning of the week, was getting some heart palpilations and chest pain, hence wore my fitbit, this shows the progress within the week. Didn’t do much walking, but yes at home did some warm up excercises along with I thought I am not sleeping well, which again is one the reasons but not entirely the same.

Neverthless, it all happened and I started to regain focus on my health, these 6 months has been disatareous in terms of health and fitness. Never became such a couch all my life, bed to work chair and then to bed, this was becoming a routine, daily doing the same thing and it was boring, the fartheset distance travelled is to kitchen to eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


Anyways, I decided to write my weekly entries in a blog post, just to looks back on the things i did and missed over the week.


I would structure it as:

  1. Fitness Weekly Status
  2. India this Week Status
  3. Things I completed this week.
  4. Things I missed this week.

This all is going to be lengthy blog but what we will do with all the time. The target publishing time is Every Sunday.

I will add the details be eveing.

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