The title of the blog is offline.

Well I have titled this blog as offline but it techincally isn’t offline, well it full grown online blog where anyone can read what I am writing, and ofcourse the purpose is to do that only. So I am wondering why its named offline, well its primarily because I am not such a frequent writer and moreover I am a bit shy person who do not want to publish his content directly on to the web, i feel this platform act to me as a sanbox for playing aroung with my writing and let me learn good tips on writing and all. I am not also an avid writier too, mainly because I am too lazy to do so. I have so many brinlliant ideas which come and go as the day passes but just because i feel i can’t write I am not doing so. I am planning to change this soon,, I beleive writing something anything makes my mind lighter and also help me think more productively.
Lets get going… Pusblish this…

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