Teaching and learning

It’s difficult to teach these puppies when they are in multiples, they spend most of their time fighting and playing with each other.

Yesterday evening took my second dose of rabies injection and after office when I went to meet them I was surprised to see their mother sitting there only, usually she doesn’t sit with their puppies.

She looked tensed and scared. I guessed it from her hiding her tail between her hind legs and looking sheepishly to me.


Though I made her a bowl of bread peices with little milk and water. She did come to me and ate when I offered her the food. Seems she was pretty hungry and she finsihed quickly, I almost gave her 2 bowls to eat which she happily ate.

Once she left her puppies joined back. On another bowl I had given her puppies the same thing which they were eating and playing.

Since I was a little paranoid of germs, I wore a plastic gloves so I do not contaminate myself while touching them, somehow I felt that these puppies understand this is something else touching them and was not coming back again to me. They must have sensed I am not showing complete love to them and must have thought that my touching them could be a threat.

They too are one bowl. Which means a bowl for 5 puppies and one and half bowl for the mother of the puppies.

When they saw me with bowl they jumped and came close to me, but once they had their meal, they were just ignoring my commands and kept playing among themselves mostly sleeping.




During the first time I am sure to see another dog seating on the wall watching me giving food to them, the mother could be scared and terrified of that dog, I heard some barking too and she even ran to protect them.

I tried to get individual snaps for each of them so it’s easy for me to recognise and name them, but they did not stood silent and always running here and there and when I tried to hold them they tried to bite me too.. that was a little scary, but I did not pushed much. I think they are still getting accustomed to me.





bruno licking

bruno licking after his meal

Didn't name him

he is pretty scared of me.

Only two of them actually are ok with them being held Bruno and Blacky, pics above.

Later that night I went with a banana figuring they like from my previous feeding to them but I couldn’t find them. I even tried to give the banana to the mother who was strolling around she even didn’t took it. I assumed they may be not hungry and left the peeled 🍌 in the bowl.

After feeding them earlier I went again to see them but was not able to see them around even after my calling they didn’t appear. I felt a lil sad and someone told me their mother took them to hiding some place. Anyways I saw the mother she looked scared and terrified and was even afraid to come near me. I slowly tried to console her. Later when she got comfortable I left. But the the puppies were not around and that was heartbreaking.

back and bruno

blacky so happy to lie on my feet, both blacky and bruno lying on my feet.

blacky licking feet.

blacky so happy to lick my feet.

Well I was feeling bad for them missing and went again later at night to check on them around after 2 hours and was glad to see them again around. Bruno and the blacky did come to me and lapped and licked my feet. I was so happy I did held them in my arms. And they were happy to be held too and me too. This time though I didn’t took my gloves and caressed them with my bare hands.

pups being fed by their mother

pups being fed by their mother

Later when their mother came they were all into her. I just clicked this and left.

A video I Anderson yesterday

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