Being holiday in Japan today and plans to visit Disneyland I am, well, just back from a quick(ended in 2 hrs) trip to Akihabara(hope i am pronouncing it right), pissed and now sitting at the Starbucks near my station, enjoying my black coffee with “White chocolate cheese browny”(which quickly went inside my stomach) tastes awesome, the taste is still my mouth, even after sipping the black sugarless coffee, can feel its mouth watering taste.

There are multiple things that may happen to us, but important is how we let it happen, for example if we lose the


power to do something, let me consider the simplest that would be just walking along, It feel really great to see so many people walking besides you, when you touch the streets, the disappointment comes when someone with you is not able to cope up with such simple routine activity, it was just walking not even walking as we do for burning the fat. Now, i wonder does it really take will power or strength to buckle yourself against such activity, I always think its one of the simplest thing to do or rather any can do. Luck is something I don’t count ever, its the hardwork, effort and the will you really put to get it done.

Definitely, this is what define us and separate from the crowd. The most difficult things can be achieved, if we just have hope, and will power to put that additional hardwork, else there is always someone who might get lucky because of your hardwork.