ssh using keys.

Here i will try to demonstrate how to use ssh keys to login to machines without password.
Since i did not got it to work with putty now. i will do it with two unix machines and will soon continue this post on to configure it with putty.

1. Check the ssh-server installed on your machine or not. if not download the packages openssh-clients and openssh-server from the respective downloads site.

2. create public and private keys using ssh-keygen

[email protected]$ ssh-keygen -t dsa ##this will create public and privatye keys.

3. scp the public key to the remote host on which you want to gain the access without password.
[email protected]$ scp .ssh/ [email protected]:~/.ssh/authorized_keys ## from machine a to machine b.

4. Now login from Machine A to Machine B and check. it will work without password.

1. you must login from the account where you have kept the private key. since, you try to login from a diferent account you private key wo0n’t be there and that time you will be thrown to a password prompt.
2. Check the permissions of the directory .ssh to be 700 and the permission of the authorized_keys files must be 600. or else it won’t work.

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