After my 10 km evening run and some pain in leg

This is the 6th day in the row I had to skip my running. Wow it has all happened because of some pain I started to get in my left leg a week back when I had completed my 8KM run.

After 10 km run, tried another 6 km run with improved pace

Though the overall pace was not good, but many a times I sprinted at a pace of 5 min/km and I felt that has stressed my legs a lot. All this while I was already suffering from pain in my metatarsal, which I was only getting when I wake up or walk but while running the pain seems to go away. Anyways had completed my run and was later started getting pain in left leg with lower thighs, left leg calf muscles and pain around need.

I thought this will go away and I reduced my running to maintain myslef only for walking.

This too went well, but the pain remained.

Yesterday tried googling about the pain areas. Which are as follows

  1. Pulled calf muscles you can read more about this here.

  2. Iliotibial (IT) band syndrome you can read more here.

  3. Sports Hernia(Athletic Pubalgia) and here is the link.

After reading such complex pain areas which I never heard of before running.. I came to know the only solution to fix them is to take a lot of rest and apply ice pack to the pain areas.

I tried applying ice pack and I really felt good.

I also discussed this with a friend of mine and his suggestion was as he is also going to some physiotherapist is to build the core muscle and fixing the posture as mostly our sitting posture puts undue pressure on our spine which causes pain to various areas of the body and legs.

All in all I can say I am trying to do a 7 KM run today as well to see how well I perform most likely this will only be a walk.

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