Day One - Half Marathon Training - 2019

My training schedule for Half Marathon.

Day One - Half Marathon Training - 2019

With a break of around 1.5 months, I am trying to get back on track with my IronMan training. With the help of Endomondo App, I have created a training plan for next 6 months.

This time my focus is to increase the pace, instead of just running 10/15 kms in an hour, an hour running technically is walking at the pace of 10min/km which is not good if you practice for running.

The plan was to start run training along with the strength training which I am already doing.

This is my training plan for the month of June and July. June Running Training Plan

And along with this I have to include cycling, swimming and strength training.

There are many advantages of strength training while preparing for iron man. A detailed guide I will publish later.

Today’s run was comparatively good run, because yesterday I ran with a pace of 10min/km which mostly was walking, today I was able manage 5 KM running and another 5 KM mixed running and walking. Pace was around 09min/km.

29 June Running

Following things I have learnt to avoid while doing my trainings and which has impact on performance.

Things to avoid doing at all times

  1. Sleep Deprivation
  2. Smoking & Alcohol
  3. Barefeet Running
  4. Skipping Stretching.
  5. Do not avoid proteins

While the above is to be avoided at all the times, most important is to sleep deprive yourself. I avoid running or doing anything where i feel i did not had proper sleep the night before.

I will post update on my tomorrow running.

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