I am giving little something to eat to these puppies from last Thursday. I found them in my society garden..

Now whenever I come and call them they come running for me expecting I will get food.

They are start puppies so I am not aware if they are vaccinated or not.

So last Saturday they try to jump on me I mean trying to stand taking my support reaching to my knee height. I got a little scared for being caught by rabies. But there was no visible scratch mark so I didn’t panicked much. The day later i.e. on Sunday afternoon on 10 March I played with them.

[wpvideo wH4nzT1K]

[wpvideo Ps7PrfQP]

Playing with me on Sunday afternoon

But when I came home I could see a tiny scratch on the back of my middled finger that really made me very cautious, but I was sure none of the puppies had touched my hand also in night when I went to meet them they came to me running and followed me as well, and when they followed me they were able to find their mother who use to hide in my building compound, while seeing the puppies she ran away and the puppies followed her.

Puppies with their mother

This worried me sensing that she might not dump them somewhere as these puppies are not going to cope up with her running.. moreover there are other starts and cars running which may make their survival difficult so I went around to check the puppies and could find one of them scared and running here and there..so I picked him up and dropped him at the park where they were staying.

Now I once again went around to see for other puppies to find they were stranded alone in a car park.. so I made them follow me and again dropped them to the park with their brother and sister.

When they were all rescued at 1:30 AM 11/03

All in this while handling one puppy he got scared and bit me on my finger not very hard and did not even punctured my skin but I got really worried and today went to immediately get myself vaccinated with PEP and TT. Precaution is always better than cure.

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