Saving your work with github.

Just managed to get my hands on github, have created my repository long back, but hadn’t got time to push anything to it. Couple of days back, must give it a try and here I am, tried, worked and got answers for some of my weired questions, writing it so, it can help me later when redoing it and so to others who may face similar challenges.

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Solaris Containers

Solaris Containers

There are two types of zones global and non-global. The global zone is the server itself and is used as the system-wide configuration and control, there can only be one global zone per system. A maximum of 8192 non-global zones can exist on a system, all non-global zones are isolated from each other.

There are two type types of non-global zones sparse root zone or whole root zones.

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emacs todo mode

This tutorial has been posted by Logan Lee on the Usenet ( (1) To enter todo major mode, M-x todo-mode. (2) …

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