My devel setup on my laptop.

Since, i cannot afford to have an additional H/W setup, i thought of creating my own setup on a virtual environment.  
I tried Virtualbox for setting up my virtual env, Because I am more comfortable on it. Download the VirtualBox setup from the virtual box site. Download you favorite Linux/Windows distribution and setup a virtual machine with that. Now, comes the most trickiest part, I really don’t like running multiple windows on my desktop, and unnecessary clutter the way it looks. Moreover, going through the tab becomes slight painful, so, I decided to go headless(of course running it headless).

You can run this command to run your virtual machine, without even bother to open your virtualbox application, and can modify your system startup to run it on every boot and shut it down whenever your sytsem is shutting  down.

vvboxmanage startvm "DEVELHOST" --type headless # Here Devlehost is my virtualbox name.


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