To, The woman

I thought that I loved the most

These are some words i am rewriting for the emotions which i am feeling.

I feel distressful, hateful, infamous, enormous, counter, reprehensible,distressing, rank, noisome, hopeless, dirty, lumpen, blameworthy,measly, egregious,meretricious, harmful, sore, foul, dismaying,

out of humor, in bad humor, cut up, dismal, arrant, ruthful,petty, moving, schlock, disconsolate, cheap, slummy,mournful, horrible, gimcracky, squalid, opposing, pitiful, low-down, sharp, uncheerful, dreadful, trashy, indolent, out of sorts,woeful,

shameful, cheesy, contemptible, despairing, depraved, untoward,trying, scruffy, comfortless,sorrowful,unsmiling, joyless,unmirthful, painful, cheerless, atrocious, common, despicable, depressing, slumlike, bitter, deep-troubled, unmentionable,

lamentable, valueless, afflictive, detestable, unclean, stressful, rubbishy, uncheery, touching, woebegone, scuzzy,sinister,heart-struck,filthy, opposite, base, execrable, desolate, detrimental, unjoyful, opposed, afflicted, grim, mean, flagrant,

forlorn, heartsick, discomforting, uncomfortable,terrible, grave, loathsome, gross, nasty, worst, sad, scrubby, worthless, sorry,sorryish,miserable, scurvy, nefarious,rigorous, shabby, beneath contempt, pitiable, difficult, inimical, odious,

vile, adverse,grievous, conflicting, beggarly, mangy, paltry,melancholy, pathetic, fetid, repulsive, lousy, saddening, counteractive, abominable, hard, little, gaudy, brutal,unfavorable,scabby, in opposition, beastly, horrid, offensive, shocking,

dolorific, rueful, bleak, awful, scandalous, monstrous, poky, twopenny, notorious, obnoxious,antagonistic, trumpery, troublous, despondent, too bad, deplorable,contrary, heinous, sordid,mirthless, humorless, low, stricken,

pleasureless, ignoble, rotten, disgusting, debased,abject, heart-stricken,dolorous,poor, discontented, crushed, dire, depressive, villainous, small, fulsome, servile, infestive,troublesome, dolorogenic, outrageous, degraded,

crummy, suicidal, scummy,hostile,regrettable, piteous, unhappy, reptilian, dreary, poignant, doleful,affecting, shoddy.

God bless her.


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The emotions that we feel during the love or when we have a broken heart are immensely strong, these emotions have great capacity to either make you or break as an individual.


Relationships are complicated, maintaining and managing them can be complicated and when you are broken heart its really complicated to find whats causing the pain .

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