While browsing the net today, i encountered with a beautiful innovation by google that really impressed me on the workings on google, how it can be helpful in understanding the trends what we are actually following and people with interest in making money from web can know how and what to be put on the web to make people visit more.

The word is zeitgeist.

It is a German Word which is come from two words Zeit (Time) + Geist(Spirit) coined in the year of 1884 and literally means “The general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.”

Its known from the years that we were always interseted in the cultural and geographical diversity of the other parts of the world and our zeal to know about these parts have bought us to a point where we can come together and share the knowledge of the socitey we lived in, which in turn benefitted in knowing the culture we do not know now and probably will never even get a chance to experience it. The web, has bought us together and zeitgeist is one such initiative by google.

It is really amusing to see how diverse people are and what kind searches they make in their day to day life to get support.