Git Simplified.

Set up with github. (Very good tutorial from Lifehacker)
How the Heck do i use Github

To remove the origin
git remote remove origin

To add origin
git remote add origin<username>/<repository name>.git

— Please do not add the “< >” while using the above command.
for e.g.

use the origin as SSH and without authentication.
you can follow the stack overflow question on this. 
or can just add 
“git remote add origin ssh://[email protected]/<username>/<repository name>.git

To push to the repository.
git push origin master
If you have created the directly locally and wanted to push it to the server, you may need to force the origin master.
i did as “git push origin master –force”, please note that this may wipe your existing content.

How to deploy keys.
Github article.

Generating keys
A very good github tutorial related to generating keys for github.

When the permission is denied.
github’s own manual to fix it.

More to come……. 

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