Financial goals

Like everything else in life, it is paramount to set financial goals, we don’t want to get old and have nothing in our hand to live our life. Instead of living a struggling life in old age we must prepare ourselves to set financial goals. The problem is our education system makes us so focused on solving complex problems of physics and maths that it forgets to teach us how to manage the money we are going to get after solving these complex theories.

I am not an expert on finances either and suffer the same fate as most of us who come out of the college without realising how should we go on handling our finances once we start to earn.

During our first year of job we primarily learn to invest into financials instruments which can help us save tax money, without realising that how much to invest and how to secure.

Saving for tax surely could be one goal, but this is repetitive once we have invested the correct amount of money we do not know what to do with others and eventually end up buying a new mobile as it launches or end up shopping extravagantly. We really never understood this but we do it and then we form a habit of thoriwng away hard earned money on useless things.

Partying enjoying life is not bad at all. But realising how much we can use for our expenses empowers us in saving for the times to come. It’s not only for the bad times but also for the time when we want to lavishly spend our life without worrying about our expense.

In the last few weeks I have made some financial goals for 2019, which is to align with my long term goal of becoming rich and are.

  1. Invest before you spend.

  2. Never forget rule 1.

  3. Read about investing and find investment vehicles.

Published by Om Prakash Singh

DevOps Engineer experienced in Architecting, Automating and Optimizing large infrastructure, Proficient in configuration management tools, and in developing CI/CD pipelines.

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