How to quickly go Live on Facebook.

During this Covid-19 times, everyone wants to go facebook live, but those who do not know a lot of technology relies on shady apps to do their tasks. In this tutorial I am going to tell you simple steps to go Facebook Live.

Facebook live will show you in real-time, and your Facebook live broadcast and announcement will be visible on your followers news feed.

Facebook is a Social Media with immense potential, a lot of younger generation with their mobile devices are either on Facebook or Instagram, which makes it a very attractive publishing tool for your content.

Most of us love to watch streams and videos on facebook, promoting the correct content at the right time will be a lot helpful in reaching larger audiences.

Facebook live events can be done for some musical events., charity events, classrooms etc.

Facebook live is can be conducted for answering question with live viewers it is easier to respond to comments and solve queries.

So let’s start and understand how to do it Live and encourage people to watch live.

You can go facebook live on a group, on your page and on your event and your live videos will appear on people’s timelines who are connected with you.

First we will see, how we can go live with our mobile phones, this is the most easiest and quickest way to go Facebook Live.

Facebook Live from your mobile devices.

Simple steps to use Facebook live using mobile devices.

  1. From your mobile phone go to your group, page or event where you want to conduct your live session.
  2. Tap the live button at the bottom of the post or composer.
  3. Add a description to your video, tag your friends, check in to your location or a add a feeling or emotion to your video.
  4. Tap on to start a live video and start shooting your video
  5. Tap finish when you are done.

Facebook Live from your Laptop/Desktop

While its much easier to do a Facebook live event from mobile, with desktop you get more features for your FB Live stream session, but this also come with additional camera and streaming software requirements.

Things you may need:

  1. Streaming Software (also known as encoding software or encoder)
  2. Good quality Camera and microphone or you can use your laptop Camera with food microphone
  3. Ample lighting
  4. A location to go live from.

Once you are ready with these things, you are now ready to go live on with Live Producer. This is Facebook’s own method to go live when using Higher end production equipment and software.

Sooner I will also post, how we can plan larger events with Facebook Live Producer. Stay Tuned!!.

Streaming Softwares

The Facebook live API allows anyone to use higher end encoding equipments, which allows you to have a much better quality live broadcasts.

But the choice of streaming software lies with us and depends upon the kind of broadcast we planning to have.

There are several streaming software partners you can use to stream on Facebook, including:

See the full list of streaming software partners.

Setting up the software

For people with technology background, it will be pretty easier to connect the software and stream live on facebook, but it required certain know how on how its to be done.

I will try to list down the steps as simple as possible below.

– Once you go to the Live Producer.

You will see something like

Facebook live screen from desktop.

This page contains some information about the things you would require to configure in your streaming software.

While every streaming software has its own configuration, and these details need to be filled on to them. You need to find and edit the stream settings for your streaming software.

Once the streaming starts, a preview of your stream will automatically appear in Live Producer after a few seconds.

Following details is required for live streaming:

Server URL/Stream Key These can only be used for a single live stream preview or live video post connection.

You must use the same Server URL or Stream Key to preview and post; if you preview and then stop the stream, you will not be able to resume later. Server URL and Stream Key are valid for 7 days. After previewing the stream, you will have up to 5 hours to go live.

Persistent Stream Key can be reused with the same Stream Key across multiple live broadcasts.

Please feel free to ask me in comments if you have any doubts.

Scheduling Facebook Live Streams

With your connected camera and streamer software, you can stream your live session a week in advance.

Facebook also recommends setting up your event a week in advance for the audience to generate the interest.

When you schedule a Live Broadcast, 2 things will take place.

  1. An announcement post will automatically be published to your page, people who follow your page will see your announcement post and can click on ‘Get Reminders’ to be reminded before the live broadcast.
  2. A Live broadcast post will be published at the scheduled time of your live broadcast, containing your live stream. People who have shown interest will get a notification directing them to the broadcast.

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