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This tutorial has been posted by Logan Lee on the Usenet (http://groups.google.com/group/gnu.emacs.help/browse_thread/thread/6d55768f621067c6/cec507b4c628b776?pli=1):

 (1) To enter todo major mode, M-x todo-mode.
 (2) Let's jump to the default Todo category. Press 'j' then select 'Todo'.
 (3) Let's insert a dummy task. Press 'i' then enter description then category that it belongs to. In this case, there is only one category (ie. Todo) so enter 'Todo' as its category.
 (4) Let's insert another dummy task in order to demonstrate raising or lowering priority of a task or filing a task once it's done. Do this by pressing 'i' again and following the rest of step 3.
 (5) Now, try pressing 'r' to move the task at cursor up by one line or 'l' to lower it by one line. The line position of a task represents its respective priority.
 (6) Now, try pressing 'f' at a task to file it. Filing a task means you add it to a file called '.todo-done' located at your home directory. You will see on your screen that the filed task has disappeared from view.
 (7) Lastly, let's try adding a new category. 'M-x todo-add-category'. First, you will be directed to the source of '.todo-do' file. Don't panic because of unknown syntax shown to your screen. Proceed to step 8 to learn  more about the syntax of .todo-do file.
 (8) The format of .todo-do file:

 ;; This specifies that "Todo" and "New Category That You Have Added" are
 ;;+categories of todo-mode.
 -*- mode: todo; todo-categories: ("Todo","New Category That You Have Added"); -*-
 */* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 ;; Lists tasks under Todo
 */* --- Todo
 */* 2007-01-02 19:12 Dummy Task2        ;; These are dummy tasks from steps 3,4.
 */* 2007-01-02 19 11 Dummy Task1        ;;+Task2 is higher priority than Task1.
 --- End
 ;; Lists tasks under New Category That You Have Added
 */* --- New Category That You Have Added
 ;; As you can see there are no tasks belonging to "New Category That You Have Added" ;)
 --- End
 (9) There are other commands and associated abbreviations which can be found in Todo item at menu bar.
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