I Ran Again

My training schedule and practice for Half Marathon.

I Ran Again

This is the 2 day of my running, I am pinning my thoughts here as a blog for me to come back and read about what I did(right or wrong) and for anyone who is beginning to run, to help them in understanding that this is what will happen to you who never ran all his life and suddenly find a solace in cycling and running.

My writing could be bad but I have no plans to discourage anyone started running by this blog posts, this is my personal experience which I want to share which could help me later and anyone who feels discouraged by the beginning and think this is going to be tough and challenging.

Frankly, this will be tough and hard and painful at times, but once you get the hang of running, you will not find anything better than this to do… Don’t worry I will try to be as elaborative as possible to ensure I am explaining what I am going through, my state of mind and the things I am doing to cope up with and the results I am getting.

On Wednesday, I failed to go to the gym or go for any run or any other physical activity. It is not because I was lazy and want to skip these, the problem is far worse than being lazy or exhausted.

It’s traffic.

Yes, it really is and as usual, during the monsoons, traffic is very common to see.

I woke up late, based on my previous day sleeping time I ensured to complete proper sleep of 7-8 hrs and as of this woke up exactly on the time to get ready for office, which didn’t allow me enough time to go for run or gym, being Wednesday this is my Gym day, and going to Gym again has it own share of preparation, unlike running where we can start only with running shorts, sweatshirt, and shoes.

The gym requires more preparation and attention, at the very minimum we need to carry a bag with a water bottle, your hand towel and of course separate shoes for gym and rime. Since I didn’t have the time to do these chores I had this second thought of going for a quick run even if I couldn’t make up for the Gym.

Things never happen as planned, I got stuck in heavy traffic all day, it was a 3 hours traffic in the morning and around 2:30 hours of traffic in the evening because of some unknown circumstance and that’s only for a 30 km of distance.

Well, I reached quite late at night which didn’t have any scope for running. So after having a late-night dinner, I retired to bed.

I also realized that I am putting weight again, which I was able to drastically reduce during my practices and training earlier this year.

Clear signs were coming from the trousers are getting compressed and the t-shirt which a week ago was comfortable is now becoming very tight. This very realization was enough for me to leave everything and get back to exercise.

Yup, the last month had been mostly a non-exercise month. I didn’t do a lot of running and most of the time I traveled by car and ate all sorts of junk food with oil and what-not and as with this graph, I can see that these numbers for June are not appeasing at all as compared to my stats for previous months.

my running stats

Today on Thursday, I had made up my mind that whatever it is I will run, and I was pretty determined to achieve that. I went office switching between bike and bus, skipping the car and avoiding the traffic, reached office on time finished my daily chores, left office by 7:30 and reached home around 09:30 PM, changed and I immediately went for a run.

I am not sure what has happened all day, but I was feeling a little weak and tired and was not able to fully concentrate on run. In any case, completed around 06 km run and decided to retire for the day.

The pace is running walking a mixed pace. I was not able to put much effort either. I tried to do a brisk walk and finish run for the day as planned.

Day2 Small run for 6 KM

Being this a normal run at a joggers pace, this is a good indicator to have a better start tomorrow. The plan is to go home to sleep well and wake up early tomorrow.

Night running is good. But at times it’s pretty daunting.

I have learned that I am a morning person and have decided to remain the same now.

Waking up surely is a challenge during cold days like in monsoon or winter.

Though the trick for waking up is quite easier, and the human body is an amazing alarm clock, which has its own system to wake you up without any other sort of external device.

To set our body’s alarm clock for once we need to decide a time to wake up early and then our body clock is set to work and once we get tired at the end of the day it automatically turns us off for the bed which then will help in relaxing and rejuvenate us and make us ready for the next day.

The moment our body recovers, our mind wakes us up. Which usually is around 7/8 hours, depending on how much relaxation our body needs unless we are intoxicated.

At the same time, alcohol plays a role in disturbing this clock. Which is not pleasant if you are maintaining a runner profile. Alcohol literally disturbs your normal sleep pattern and either makes you wake up early or sleep till late. Though you wake up early your body feels tired and this could create long term damage if it remains in continuation.

I had been into alcohol for quite some years and remain a regular smoker as well. This does have an impact on my training and now I am putting extra effort do put myself as runner and cyclists and also I am trying very hard to skip alcohol and smoking altogether. The only reason I am quitting is that it is impacting my performance.

I am not discouraged by the efforts I need to put to achieve all this. Everything I am doing is making me more focused and determined to fix this and become healthy and of course faster.

I hope to see a significant improvement in my performance.

Tuned in to read more. Chao! For now.

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