Day Two - HM Training - 2019

My training schedule for Half Marathon.

Day Two - HM Training - 2019

This is not just another day. Its raining cats and dogs here, amid this heavy rainfall I tried to go to office which is around 90 minutes drive, sadly horrific traffic had made me take a U turn and return back.

I know all this has nothing to do with running, then again this is all what happened the day which gave me time to go again for another 9 KM run.

Again, going as per my monthly Endomondo plan, today I am scheduled for a run of 4.5 Kms with a pace of 6.9.

July Running Calendar

I started my run in the evening, overall weather was goo, though it was raining but still I was able to complete my 8Kms without much hiccups. 29 June Running

Again, I started good with for the first 2 kms, which is like maintaining a pace of around 7:00min/km but then it went intermittent again like walking and running mixed where the pace dropped and by the end of my total run it was at 9:00min/km.

Overall it is good as I was finally able to complete my 2nd day successfully. But I am disappointed by the fact that I couldn’t maintain the desired pace.

Along all this I am going through an screwed up diet, I need to cut down on my carbs and looks like I am putting up again, I missed my Gym and I am loosing my pace.

Running itself is more of a practice thing, the more you do the better form you achieve. With running, it is important other activities of gym and diet should be included.

For a long time I was under this misconception that gym and running and cycling alone can help loose weight improve performance but I realise what you eat is what makes you.

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