D Nikon D 3200

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Finally, i got my hands on the DSLR. being an amateur photographer all this while, i always considered a camera of any device just to click some moments, which should always be “good enough” to be uploaded to facebook, i always considered it being an expensive gadget what difference could it be than a point and shoot one, or rather my Iphone camera, i toyed with the idea for sometime about buying it or not, as i am not a much a photographer material, neither i am into a jobby of photogrpahing, nor do it for profession, so i always saw it as just an expensive camera, somehow i never found it interesting, even when someone shows there cameras to me, or bragged about their capablities, in any case it can only be used to take pictures, my phone can pick call as well ;). I will probably try to note down my researches i have down, the thought of dropping the idea of purchasig and how i feel when i got it, and well will it really be going to make differnce to my avergae photographic skills, up and downs i will faced while buying this gadget(not sure if this should be termed as Gadget). 

This web had been quite helpful for me getting my Camera.
I bought a used one so, did some quick checks for dead pixels and shutter count, which was none and 1465 respectively.

To understand the functions initially, i took this video tour which is good, but an hour long, and i would recommend a must watch, got to learn a lot of things.

I believe, the choice of buying or not solely depends on how you like your images to be. And how would you like to remember the place you are going to visit, in your photographs. But the whatever you choose the choice will always remains yours. :).





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