Creating a DVD repository on AIX,.

Do yourself a favour and get a spot of space (couple of GBs) and get all your media onto this file system with the following commands:

1. Put the first media CD/DVD into your drive – you do not have to mount it.
2. Make sure you have you file system mounted.
3. Look at what filesets are on the media you are about to build:
gencopy -d /dev/cd0 -t /repository-filesystem -U -X -L all | wc -l
gencopy -d /dev/cd0 -t /repository-filesystem -U -X -L all | more
4. Write it out to a file somewhere:
gencopy -d /dev/cd0 -t /repository-filesystem -U -X -L all >/tmp/filename.txt
5. Do the actual copy/repository build:
gencopy -d /dev/cd0 -t /repository-filesystem -U -X all
6. Stick in the next cd/dvd:
7. Redo steps 1 to 6 until you are done.
8. TAKE NOTE that the actual build takes quite some time.
9. ALSO, make sure you have enough space on /var and /tmp to accommodate the lists the o/s builds to do the media build.
Once done, you will have 1 file system with ALL your media filesets in it.
Then do your ‘smitty install’ and check if you can get your rsct.basic.rte sorted.

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