To, The woman I loved the most

I dedicate this blog to you

. I feel distressful, hateful, infamous, enormous, counter, reprehensible,distressing, rank, noisome, hopeless, dirty, lumpen, blameworthy,measly, egregious,meretricious, harmful, sore, foul, dismaying, out of humor, in bad humor, cut up, dismal, arrant, ruthful,petty, moving, schlock, disconsolate, cheap, slummy,mournful, horrible, gimcracky, squalid, opposing, pitiful, low-down, sharp, uncheerful, dreadful, trashy, indolent, out of sorts,woeful, shameful, cheesy, contemptible, despairing, depraved, untoward,trying, scruffy, comfortless,sorrowful,unsmiling, joyless,unmirthful, painful, cheerless, atrocious, common, despicable, depressing, slumlike, bitter, deep-troubled, unmentionable, lamentable, valueless, afflictive, detestable, unclean, stressful, rubbishy, uncheery, touching, woebegone, scuzzy,sinister,heart-struck,filthy, opposite, base, execrable, desolate, detrimental, unjoyful, opposed, afflicted, grim, mean, flagrant, forlorn, heartsick, discomforting, uncomfortable,terrible, grave, loathsome, gross, nasty, worst, sad, scrubby, worthless, sorry,sorryish,miserable, scurvy, nefarious,rigorous, shabby, beneath contempt, pitiable, difficult, inimical, odious, vile, adverse,grievous, conflicting, beggarly, mangy, paltry,melancholy, pathetic, fetid, repulsive, lousy, saddening, counteractive, abominable, hard, little, gaudy, brutal,unfavorable,scabby, in opposition, beastly, horrid, offensive, shocking, dolorific, rueful, bleak, awful, scandalous, monstrous, poky, twopenny, notorious, obnoxious,antagonistic, trumpery, troublous, despondent, too bad, deplorable,contrary, heinous, sordid,mirthless, humorless, low, stricken, pleasureless, ignoble, rotten, disgusting, debased,abject, heart-stricken,dolorous,poor, discontented, crushed, dire, depressive, villainous, small, fulsome, servile, infestive,troublesome, dolorogenic, outrageous, degraded, crummy, suicidal, scummy,hostile,regrettable, piteous, unhappy, reptilian, dreary, poignant, doleful,affecting, shoddy.

God bless her