A day of absentism

As decided yesterday I didn’t went to meet them(the other puppies) but something interesting happened.

I thought they will come to me but when I reach in my car park I saw our society kids playing with another pup who they have met roaming around somewhere and some dog was chasing him and these kids saved that puppy from those dogs. He won’t be more than 1.5 months old and I really felt bad for that pup. I asked those kids if they are planning to take the pup to their home or they can just leave it to from where they found it. But kids are kids and they kept on playing with that puppy, later that night when I came home.. I saw that puppy loitering around.

Scared for his well being, I put him in a card board box and bought at my home

My family was quite objecting so I kept him in the lobby.. believe me he was noisy all night and day. I have him some water at night and bread peices, in morning gave him some crunches to chew on. When left for office he was all noisy and kept whining.

I wish he will be around once I go back tonight from office. I really would love to adopt him and would be happy to give him a crate to live and would take care of him.

The title of the blog is offline.

Well I have titled this blog as offline but it techincally isn’t offline, well it full grown online blog where anyone can read what I am writing, and ofcourse the purpose is to do that only. So I am wondering why its named offline, well its primarily because I am not such a frequent writer and moreover I am a bit shy person who do not want to publish his content directly on to the web, i feel this platform act to me as a sanbox for playing aroung with my writing and let me learn good tips on writing and all. I am not also an avid writier too, mainly because I am too lazy to do so. I have so many brinlliant ideas which come and go as the day passes but just because i feel i can’t write I am not doing so. I am planning to change this soon,, I beleive writing something anything makes my mind lighter and also help me think more productively.
Lets get going… Pusblish this…

When your child grows!!!

It’s an immensely beautiful feeling, to know your child is progressing and growing, we teach them all the good things, we teach them all the nice things to do, to learn it feels really great when those things gets appreciated, when your child gets appreciated, a sense of proudness, achievement grows in you, you feel proud and your heart beats to say, son/daughter you are doing great, and you will know how glad you made me. I heard it somewhere and I believe it’s well said a child teaches a man to be a father. How different life becomes. How mature, responsible we feel with our child.

Why i am learning slow.

Was just sitting and thinking, about why and how i am planning to do so many things, learn so many programming languages, read so many articles, but why and why i am not able to grasp a lot of it from so long.

I got the reason!! happy to figure it out, its because i am jumping on too many things as the same time and not concentrating on one by one, and that is failing me. 🙁 , understood it well and not trying not to overwhelm myself with so many things, i believe if i take it one by one approach, i should have been learnt it all by this time. But I am aware, the problem is not only desire to know everything, but it is also the ever loosing focus, working on ways to find out, how to fix the focus intact, and would post that here too.

So here how it happened yesterday.

Well, got an opportunity to read one of the James Alutcher blog, which told me and inspired a lot of reading and writing, planning to make my habits according to it.

I understand, I may end up having an hectic schedule, but sadly I don’t have an habit as of now, which I need very badly. Hope this will help me getting with my schedules and my day to day routine, now the latest what have to do it to learn how can i write with emacs and publish it on my wordpress bolg.

have enthusiastically setup a blog engine on my laid around IBM Thinkpad. how we all will do good.

Need to find a way to keep my blogs safe as well. 🙂 so my content do not die if something bad happened to my test wordpress hosting machine.

Let me think, what should be best to save my content,
well for the post is think, Dropbox would be the best.
I may require a neat writer to but, I think emacs will help me here.

Now the time has come to become me, and myself and no one else. 🙂

Hello, World from Org2Blog/wp-new-entry.

This is my test blog post from Aquamacs.

Well, i am just going to write a brief about how I made this post work.

First of all, let me point you to this wonderful link, which list down the way to make emacs and org-mode work with wodpress and make this post possible.

So, here what i did.

I had this melpa and elpa repostiory already configured. so quickly did M-x package-install return; org2blog return
some quick configuration changes in my .emacs file to incorporate the org2blog settings and wordpress cofiguration.
(setq org2blog/wp-blog-alist
       :url "http://username.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php"
       :username "admin")))
Now, we just need to login to our wordpress blog, M-x org2blog/wp-login return
and start writing post with M-x org2blog/wp-new-entry return
Happy blogging C-c p return.