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Day 10 - Search and Replace using regex

It is important that I am also should be able to search within my text/code when using the editor. Emacs have commands to search for occurrences of a string within...

Day 9 - Cut, Copy, Paste

As in my last post and coming posts I would be using org2blog to write content further to my blog sites and would further be writing about how to use...

Day 8 - Mark and The Region

Mark and the region

Day 7 - Commands for human languages and editing them

Emacs is wonderful for text editing and related stuff with text. It has many modes which helps in editing and managing text, which help increase the productive overall, here I...

Day 6 - Help and Run command by their name

Sixth day of writing my content, I had never thought i would be even writing for this many posts continuously(I am kind of a lazy writer) and I realize this...

Day 5 - Minibuffer

Emacs have a minibuffer, and called the same because of its small screen space, the minibuffer resides in the same area as echo area so many time when any error...

Day 4 - Editing

I am becoming such an inconsistent learner and writer and have been not being able to post any new learnings a from last 4 days for emacs, but sometimes the...

Day 3 - Understanding Files and Buffers

The windows and the buffer.

Day 2 - The Emacs Real estate

The Emacs Real estate.

Day 1 - Learn Emacs in 30 days challenge

Thank you for your support and encouragement. So here I am writing about my beginning of Day 1: part and working with EMACS.

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Notes on using aws cli.

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working with octopress

Good old saturday.

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Tweet Posts with Octopress

Thanks to the blog post by Tony Guntharp who got inspired from another blog post by Adnan Abdulhussein on how to integrate twitter posting with Octopress. His post was some...

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Create box from vagrant virtualmachines

Vagrant Boxes are prepackaged development environments that are the foundation of Vagrant. In most cases, this is usually just a stripped and naked operating system such as Ubuntu, Debian, or...

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Using Ipython with Python3

I started to move along with using python 3, and for the sake of using it, wanted my python shell for to be working properly, now you must have been...

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opencart on ubuntu

Opencart is a opensource store front and eCommerce platform which provides the flexiblity and control for managing online stores. This document is going to tell you how to setup opencart...

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Wordpress permalinks.

Everytime I need to setup permalinks, I miss some of the important things to check before hand. This is my document to setup wordpress permalinks.

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Wordpress on Docker

Install Docker Install docker on to your system. Docker is only workable for 64 bit system. Install a 64 bit linux system, and further install docker on the same.

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Puppet on GCP.

This is a quick document for my reference not much details in here. Will elaborate later.

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arch linux setup

Found a old compaq laptop from previous life, this may be 8/10 years old. The laptop came with a working motherboard and a failed battery. Everything worked fine except the...

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Personal blog on Github Pages

What is Github Github is a code hosting platform for collaboration and version control using git which is quite similar to SVN and Mercurial.

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I Ran Again

This is the 2 day of my running, I am pinning my thoughts here as a blog for me to come back and read about what I did(right or wrong)...

Day Two - HM Training - 2019

This is not just another day. Its raining cats and dogs here, amid this heavy rainfall I tried to go to office which is around 90 minutes drive, sadly horrific...

Day One - Half Marathon Training - 2019

With a break of around 1.5 months, I am trying to get back on track with my IronMan training. With the help of Endomondo App, I have created a training...