Famous emacs users(who are not famous for using emacs)

Was using emacs from quite sometime as my primary editor for two reasons one as to learn more about emacs as an editor and two a wonderful platform to do many things. And during my learning curve came across this page created by “Wenshan” and this list is just amazing.

Famous Emacs Users (that are not famous for using Emacs)

But of course using emacs will not end up making me a great programmer, so these relatively known people and me might only thing in common is we used emacs at some point of time(or may have kept using).

Pop up windows in kde and gnome.

I use this primarily to pop up something while I am usually working on doing some coding and need a reminder.

zenity –info –text “Remember the milk”

This pops up a window telling me what to do. Setting this with “at” helps me schedule it too.

Programming languages

curl http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_programming_languages | grep "li>" | awk -F"title=" '{ print $2 }' | awk -F\" '{ print $2 }'

list all programming launguages