Amazon India Freedom Sale 2019

Amazon Freedom Sale 2019 – Prime Members benefit.

Pull up your socks, get your bucket list ready Amazon Freedom Sale is less than 36 hours away. To make sure the consumers are prepared for the same, Amazon has revealed various deals and offers on mobile phones that we can expect during Amazon’s Freedom sale.

The most awaited sale of the season from Amazon is now on the way and coming up with an unbelievable Pre Independence Day Online Offers. Amazon Sale is going to be live from 8th to 11th August 2019. Prime members as always will have early access to the sale beginning 12 Noon 7th August.

Exclusive for prime members Starts early at 12:00 Noon.
Exclusive for prime members

Amazon Freedom Sale 2019 is all set to start from Thursday, August 8, and Amazon is ready to Notify you with their new ‘Notify Me’ button for the Amazon Freedom Sale 2019 and has been spotted on the app & a dedicated page has listed all the blockbuster deals as well.

The best part of this sale is you can find massive discounts and deals on more than 200+ categories including electronics, home appliances, fashion etc.

Amazon Freedom sale will showcase More than 2500 brands with 2500 plus deals and 200 plus categories
More than 2500 brands with 2500 plus deals and 200 plus categories will showcase in amazon freedom day sale.

The OnePlus 7 will be listed with an ‘exciting exchange offer’, thin and light laptops with MS Office integration will be listed for less than Rs. 30,000. There’s a minimum of Rs. 2,000 off on gaming consoles during Independence Day sale, and the Fire TV Sick will see Rs. 800 off during the Amazon sale.

Amazon is teasing offers on OnePlus 7, Huawei P30, Samsung Galaxy M40, Redmi Y3, Honor 8x, Redmi 7 (first time on discount), Nokia 6.1 Plus, Vivo 15, Redmi 6A, Oppo K3 and a number of other smartphones. This sale will also showcase Huawei Y9 Prime in addition to various individual deals, Amazon shoppers will get 10 percent instant discount on using SBI credit cards.

The e-commerce site has listed 50 to 80 % off on sports shoes, and full HD TVs will see up to 50 percent off during the Amazon Freedom Sale 2019.

The Home and Kitchen range will see 30 to 75 % off and latest consoles will see a minimum discount of Rs. 2,000.

A separate listing shows a price drop from Rs. 3,199 to Rs. X,X99.

The Fire TV Stick price will be Rs. 2,399 during the Amazon Freedom Sale. If you’re looking to buy a Fire TV Stick, we recommend you wait it out a few days and purchase it during the sale period. All the deals listed on the app blockbuster page, come with a ‘Notify Me’ button for notifications on when that specific deal goes live during the Amazon Independence Day Sale 2019 India.

Amazon Freedom Sale 2019 the e-commerce site is also holding Amazon Freedom Sale quiz.

The quiz is limited to app-only, and gives consumers a chance to win Rs. 50,000 as Amazon Pay Balance.

The Freedom Sale quiz on Amazon requires users to sign into the Amazon app, answer 5 questions, and if they answer all 5 questions correctly, they will be eligible for the lucky draw.

For Prime members, the sale will begin one-day early on August 7 at 12pm (noon) IST.
The Amazon Freedom Sale will go live August 7 at 12pm (noon) for the Prime subscribers. It will start for the regular Amazon shoppers at midnight August 8. The sale will end on August 11 for all Amazon users, including Prime subscribers.

Offers like debit card EMI, no-cost EMI, Bajaj Finserv EMI options will be listed on products.

The e-commerce giant has partnered with SBI Bank to offer 10 percent instant discount to its credit card users. There’s going to be up to 40 percent off on mobile and accessories. Phones like Samsung Galaxy M40 and Oppo K3 will see a price cut.

80% Discount on Fashion, 70% on daily essentials, 70% on books, upto 5000 off on amazon devices. 50% off on electronics, 40% off on mobile and accessories. 75% off on home and kitchen, 60% off on TV appliances, and uptoo 65% off on amazon brands, 2000 cash back on flight bookings.

Offer for prime members, unlimited free one-day and two-day delivery, ultra fast shipping 2-hr delivery, instant access to movies and show on amazon prime videos, ad-free music and unlimited offline music downloads on Prime Music, exclusive and early access to deals, prime music at no extra cost.

So, get ready to enjoy up to 80% discount on all major categories like electronics, clothing, home appliances, mobile and more. There will be more than 20,000 deals, or more than 200 categories.

Besides this, there will be additional offers and deals exclusively for Prime Members. So, shop fullest in this three day sale and take advantage of all the offers.

Meviusone has affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase.

A day of absentism

As decided yesterday I didn’t went to meet them(the other puppies) but something interesting happened.

I thought they will come to me but when I reach in my car park I saw our society kids playing with another pup who they have met roaming around somewhere and some dog was chasing him and these kids saved that puppy from those dogs. He won’t be more than 1.5 months old and I really felt bad for that pup. I asked those kids if they are planning to take the pup to their home or they can just leave it to from where they found it. But kids are kids and they kept on playing with that puppy, later that night when I came home.. I saw that puppy loitering around.

Scared for his well being, I put him in a card board box and bought at my home

My family was quite objecting so I kept him in the lobby.. believe me he was noisy all night and day. I have him some water at night and bread peices, in morning gave him some crunches to chew on. When left for office he was all noisy and kept whining.

I wish he will be around once I go back tonight from office. I really would love to adopt him and would be happy to give him a crate to live and would take care of him.

Teaching and learning

It’s difficult to teach these puppies when they are in multiples, they spend most of their time fighting and playing with each other.

Yesterday evening took my second dose of rabies injection and after office when I went to meet them I was surprised to see their mother sitting there only, usually she doesn’t sit with their puppies.

She looked tensed and scared. I guessed it from her hiding her tail between her hind legs and looking sheepishly to me.


Though I made her a bowl of bread peices with little milk and water. She did come to me and ate when I offered her the food. Seems she was pretty hungry and she finsihed quickly, I almost gave her 2 bowls to eat which she happily ate.

Once she left her puppies joined back. On another bowl I had given her puppies the same thing which they were eating and playing.

Since I was a little paranoid of germs, I wore a plastic gloves so I do not contaminate myself while touching them, somehow I felt that these puppies understand this is something else touching them and was not coming back again to me. They must have sensed I am not showing complete love to them and must have thought that my touching them could be a threat.

They too are one bowl. Which means a bowl for 5 puppies and one and half bowl for the mother of the puppies.

When they saw me with bowl they jumped and came close to me, but once they had their meal, they were just ignoring my commands and kept playing among themselves mostly sleeping.




During the first time I am sure to see another dog seating on the wall watching me giving food to them, the mother could be scared and terrified of that dog, I heard some barking too and she even ran to protect them.

I tried to get individual snaps for each of them so it’s easy for me to recognise and name them, but they did not stood silent and always running here and there and when I tried to hold them they tried to bite me too.. that was a little scary, but I did not pushed much. I think they are still getting accustomed to me.





bruno licking

bruno licking after his meal

Didn't name him

he is pretty scared of me.

Only two of them actually are ok with them being held Bruno and Blacky, pics above.

Later that night I went with a banana figuring they like from my previous feeding to them but I couldn’t find them. I even tried to give the banana to the mother who was strolling around she even didn’t took it. I assumed they may be not hungry and left the peeled 🍌 in the bowl.

After feeding them earlier I went again to see them but was not able to see them around even after my calling they didn’t appear. I felt a lil sad and someone told me their mother took them to hiding some place. Anyways I saw the mother she looked scared and terrified and was even afraid to come near me. I slowly tried to console her. Later when she got comfortable I left. But the the puppies were not around and that was heartbreaking.

back and bruno

blacky so happy to lie on my feet, both blacky and bruno lying on my feet.

blacky licking feet.

blacky so happy to lick my feet.

Well I was feeling bad for them missing and went again later at night to check on them around after 2 hours and was glad to see them again around. Bruno and the blacky did come to me and lapped and licked my feet. I was so happy I did held them in my arms. And they were happy to be held too and me too. This time though I didn’t took my gloves and caressed them with my bare hands.

pups being fed by their mother

pups being fed by their mother

Later when their mother came they were all into her. I just clicked this and left.

A video I Anderson yesterday


Yup they are indeed. The best part is they come to me when they see me. Yesterday night it was fun, had given them Marie biscuits as treat when they were listening to my commands. Read about touching strays so has to wear gloves and all so I shouldn’t get the germs transferred from them, I am being a little paranoid though.

I do like them but in a way I don’t want to carry any dreadful germs to my home. I have 2 kids at home just being a little precautionary.

Washing hands and everything I do daily to cleanse myself, but still don’t want to take any chances.

Look at them jumping to come meet me when they hear my sound. They feel really excited when I am around. This makes me happy.

I named him Bruno

Actually yesterday night while I went to meet them. Their mother was around, which make me a little scared. But later on she got accompanied by me.

Went again today to see the puppies, got them a banana and carrots, they were pretty please to see me and greeted me well, though I didn’t make any noise today but one one them woke up and came to me which others followed too.

Can see how cutely they are cuddling on each other this is adorable.this one is so happy to see me and woke up immediately when he sensed near me. Since they were sleeping I didn’t make any noise, but he is still able to sense my presence. This is amazing.

Lone puppies

In my last post as I have noticed that the mother dog is going to leave her puppies as she is not much around them and doesn’t want to keep them along with her, from last 2 days I am seeing her sitting around those puppies maybe she knew someone is feeding them and she also waits for the food. I also learnt that while there mom is around the puppies refrain to come out… Unless they think that she is calling for them. Otherwise when she is not around they come to me and play with me even listen to my whistles.

Puppies playing

I had thaught them to sit and when they sit I am giving them treat. Which they are following but at times the jump.on each other and do not obey, I am sure this is going to take a while it’s only one day that happened.I am also wondering what more can I teach them to listen to me.

Puppies coming to meet me

They are lovely cute creatures. And from a couple of days I really feel sad when I don’t see them around. Yesterday, when I came to their park in night I couldn’t find them, even after multiple whistles they were not coming and I felt very bad. I tried to locate them, later when I went back again they came running to me. I suspect since her mother was there they didn’t came out, I gave her mother to eat too. Which I had bought for them to eat. I know they are strays and they are always scratching them, I am pretty worried they caught some disease. I need to plan for their vaccination sooner.

For vaccinating them I am thinking of putting them in a crate and take to the vet. But I am pretty worried for their mother she might panic and wail. Looking for suggestions on that.

I also soon need to name them. Would be great if I could get any names.


I am giving little something to eat to these puppies from last Thursday. I found them in my society garden..

Now whenever I come and call them they come running for me expecting I will get food.

They are start puppies so I am not aware if they are vaccinated or not.

So last Saturday they try to jump on me I mean trying to stand taking my support reaching to my knee height. I got a little scared for being caught by rabies. But there was no visible scratch mark so I didn’t panicked much. The day later i.e. on Sunday afternoon on 10 March I played with them.

[wpvideo wH4nzT1K]

[wpvideo Ps7PrfQP]

Playing with me on Sunday afternoon

But when I came home I could see a tiny scratch on the back of my middled finger that really made me very cautious, but I was sure none of the puppies had touched my hand also in night when I went to meet them they came to me running and followed me as well, and when they followed me they were able to find their mother who use to hide in my building compound, while seeing the puppies she ran away and the puppies followed her.

Puppies with their mother

This worried me sensing that she might not dump them somewhere as these puppies are not going to cope up with her running.. moreover there are other starts and cars running which may make their survival difficult so I went around to check the puppies and could find one of them scared and running here and I picked him up and dropped him at the park where they were staying.

Now I once again went around to see for other puppies to find they were stranded alone in a car park.. so I made them follow me and again dropped them to the park with their brother and sister.

When they were all rescued at 1:30 AM 11/03

All in this while handling one puppy he got scared and bit me on my finger not very hard and did not even punctured my skin but I got really worried and today went to immediately get myself vaccinated with PEP and TT. Precaution is always better than cure.

The title of the blog is offline.

Well I have titled this blog as offline but it techincally isn’t offline, well it full grown online blog where anyone can read what I am writing, and ofcourse the purpose is to do that only. So I am wondering why its named offline, well its primarily because I am not such a frequent writer and moreover I am a bit shy person who do not want to publish his content directly on to the web, i feel this platform act to me as a sanbox for playing aroung with my writing and let me learn good tips on writing and all. I am not also an avid writier too, mainly because I am too lazy to do so. I have so many brinlliant ideas which come and go as the day passes but just because i feel i can’t write I am not doing so. I am planning to change this soon,, I beleive writing something anything makes my mind lighter and also help me think more productively.
Lets get going… Pusblish this…

When your child grows!!!

It’s an immensely beautiful feeling, to know your child is progressing and growing, we teach them all the good things, we teach them all the nice things to do, to learn it feels really great when those things gets appreciated, when your child gets appreciated, a sense of proudness, achievement grows in you, you feel proud and your heart beats to say, son/daughter you are doing great, and you will know how glad you made me. I heard it somewhere and I believe it’s well said a child teaches a man to be a father. How different life becomes. How mature, responsible we feel with our child.

Setting up … WordPress

Today, after so many days of starting my blog, worked to set it up properly with colours and removing default widgets and setting some of my own. Though its not the best, but it looks a little owned, instead of the previous default one, Which was just like that, and looked kind of amateurish, Though I am sure, it must have been very difficult with the people to make something so simple, still it was the default and not customised as per my requirements. Hence here is the new look, not Smart, but not Bad either 😉