Yup they are indeed. The best part is they come to me when they see me. Yesterday night it was fun, had given them Marie biscuits as treat when they were listening to my commands. Read about touching strays so has to wear gloves and all so I shouldn’t get the germs transferred from them, I am being a little paranoid though.

I do like them but in a way I don’t want to carry any dreadful germs to my home. I have 2 kids at home just being a little precautionary.

Washing hands and everything I do daily to cleanse myself, but still don’t want to take any chances.

Look at them jumping to come meet me when they hear my sound. They feel really excited when I am around. This makes me happy.

I named him Bruno

Actually yesterday night while I went to meet them. Their mother was around, which make me a little scared. But later on she got accompanied by me.

Went again today to see the puppies, got them a banana and carrots, they were pretty please to see me and greeted me well, though I didn’t make any noise today but one one them woke up and came to me which others followed too.

Can see how cutely they are cuddling on each other this is adorable.this one is so happy to see me and woke up immediately when he sensed near me. Since they were sleeping I didn’t make any noise, but he is still able to sense my presence. This is amazing.