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What I Do

I do a lot of thing but mainly related to computers only. You have just landed on my blog page. I have built this page with love, if you want to read my blogs, you can open the slider and you shall get the links to all my blog posts.

For example this website is running wordpress with generate-press theme, so which speaks that I know wordpress and some backend and frontend to get this site running. (Well running a wordpress is so easy, it is not even a skill) but yeah I migrated again to wordpress after my long stint with octopress and jekyll.

Realising that If I really want to write stuff, then let me write it. Fixing the nuts and bolts half of the time really divert me from actual writing and believe me I have so many things to tell about.

I has spent some time working with Emacs, I am fiddling for around 10 years with WordPress and Emacs. The only stupid thing I did all this while was not keeping good notes about my findings and here I am, Whatever notes I kept were not well formatted, but I am going to recitfy and as we quote while doing programming “refactor” them.

My job required me to work with Cloud and Linux systems, so I can somewhat say that I am well versed with some of the renowned cloud technologies like AWS and GCP, I have also worked on setting up a private cloud within our infrastructure. Similarly, for Linux I have hands on experience with multiple Linux Flavors, I am one of the pre-historic linux users when linux was just a name and Redhat has just released it version Redhat 4. I then moved on to Debian, Arch, Suse and Slack to finally working on Redhat Linux and RHEL Products. I have also worked on Unix Flavors such as BSD, AIX and Solaris. Being AIX certified my stint with Unix Flavors has been for a limited period of time not more than 5 years.

In my later year of career, I moved into programming and learned perl, python and automation using ansible scripting.

With this blog post i will try to explain the things I have learnt during my career. Ofcourse a lot of them has been obsolete.