Everytime I need to setup permalinks, I miss some of the important things to check before hand. This is my document to setup wordpress permalinks.

Wordpress Permalinks are important to beautify your wordpress blog links.

Configuring apache.

Ensure you have mod_rewrite enabled.

I have apache2 setup so its pretty simple to setup mod_rewrite in there.

# a2enmod rewrite

# service apache2 restart

This enables mod_rewrite for apache.

checked using the phpinfo page

Configure your site.

Need to configure your apache site to use or enable it to use mod_rewrite feature.

Inside your block enable AllowOverride.

     AllowOverride All

Configure your wordpress.

Go to wordpress and configure your permalinks. The permalinks create the .htaaccess file in your document root.

Well All this is help you setup permalinks for wordpress.