Good old saturday.

Well it is the good old saturday, when I planned to blog about something after around 2 weeks.

2 Weeks earlier

Two weeks earlier I sat up, migrated my blog from pelican to octopress keeping the underlying githubpages intact, hardly did I know after two weeks, I will again face the similar problem like with pelican, In anycase this time I was determined not to rework again on migration to a new platform, and Instead I will fix what was missing and will try to resolve the issue with octopress only.


My octopress did worked fine without any error, I made some cosmetic changes to the blog and published some post. The problem happened as the blog and the changes did not published, while I am making changes, the rake deploy did worked but I was not able to see anychanges happening to my blog page. But yes, the rake preview did worked fine and I was able to see my changes to localhost. Tried fixing it hard for sometimes but I didn’t work.

To make it work, I deleted my repository from github, ran the command rake github_setup_pages pushed the content from my local repository back to github again, and well, after this I was able to see the changes on the web. That’s a releif.

Finally, I made some cosmetic changes, write this as my notes on to what happened and how I fixed it. I also need to find out why it failed in the first place, I am assuming I changed my Laptop, that could be a reason, but this I am not convinced by this.